Other Services

Research & Development

Has your company: 

  1. Improved a product or process? 

2.Used technology in your business? 

3.Designed/adapted software? 

If the answer is yes to any of these questions you could be entitled to the generous R&D tax relief. Talk to us about making a claim.

School Fees Planning

Business owner? Children in private education? Costing you an arm and a leg? Talk to us about implementing a tax strucutre to save on the cost of school fees

Inheritance Tax Planning

Are you going to leave your family with a generous inheritance or a huge tax bill? Make sure its the former by discussing inheritance tax planning with us.

Corporate Tax Advice

Whether you're a start-up or an established company, corporate tax planning can increase the value of the business. Speak to us about reducing your corporation tax liabilities.

Employee Share Schemes

Do you have key employees? If they left the business would it have a detrimental affect? Would incentivising them through shares/share options increase your chances of retaining them? Speak to us about employee share schemes to retain your key employees.